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Stress over financial problems often affects employees work performance. Reduced productivity, missed workdays, and higher healthcare costs are just a few of the effects of financial stress in the workplace. As employees are bringing their financial worries to work, employers realize the value of providing help by offering financial education programs as an employee benefit.

Our goals:

Growth, empowerment, behavior change… leading to an employee population that is free from financial stress and more productive.

Financial stress affects all income levels

Financial stress affects all income levels and generations differently. Our programs are designed to address topics that will be relatable and practical, from employees who are at entry level to those close to retirement. Topics include debt management, budgeting, retirement savings, risk management, insurance), financing for large scale purchases and managing student loans.

A group workshop :

  • Brings clarity to both one’s short and long term financial pictures, which are often confusing and sometimes intimidating.
  • Answers many of the questions that employees have had not had the opportunity to ask elsewhere
  • Helps filter information resulting in non biased objective content.

Financial Coaching

If an employee has specific concerns, we offer one to one financial coaching to achieve targeted short term and/or long-term goals. This level of coaching is particularly helpful for those employees that are looking for individualized help with building the connection between financial education and the opportunity to make wise financial decisions.

As a trusted partner in your benefits program, our workshops will:

  • Improve employee retention
  • Encourage stronger employee/employer relationships
  • Tie company benefits to an overall financial wellness program