SHOR Financial Wellness® FAQs

Answers to Your Employees’ Questions

Like sports coaches, a financial coach provides guidance, encouragement, and resources for you to manage your personal finances.

You will meet or speak to a coach in person, by phone or through video. The meeting is a conversation. There is no set agenda. You will have the opportunity to ask questions and share your concerns. The focus is on you and your specific goals. Everything discussed is confidential.

Sessions are approximately one hour.

The topics are up to you. Typical issues we address: making ends meet, managing credit card bills, what to do if you are sued for a debt, strategies to build up savings, dealing with student debt, and investing basics.

No. The coach educates and may make suggestions but all decisions are up to you. The coaches do not sell any products or services.

Your company contracts with SHOR Financial Wellness®, who provides and compensates the coaches.
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