How Financial Coaching Works with Non-Profits

When clients experience financial instability, their demand for services, such as workforce development, housing, or health treatments, goes up. However, if that financial instability is not addressed, the results of those services may not be as impactful as service providers would hope.

We believe that when you address financial instability directly, such as providing financial coaching, and integrate that support with other social services, almost everyone experiences an increase in the effectiveness of all services involved. We believe that this also increases the resilience of clients because they feel empowered to manage some of the financial issues that were related to their other needs such as housing, legal services, employment, or health issues.

We partner with local services providers because financial coaching is not a service that is familiar to most clients. By integrating with local services that they know and trust, it helps clients feel more comfortable meeting a coach and as a result we are better able to provide this service to the community.

We have also provided financial workshops to employees of non-profits as an employee benefit . It has proven to be a successful way to accomplish multiple goals:

a) Enable the organization to provide similar support to their employees, promoting workplace benefits such as improving productivity, reducing stress, reducing health related absences

b) By experiencing a financial literacy workshop and/ or a financial coaching relationship, employees can then recommend to their clients the value of participation based on their direct experience.