Best Money Moves

Your employees are financially stressed. We can help.

Best Money Moves is a mobile-first service designed to help people measure financial stress and then dial it down in order to get control of their financial lives. The service is sold to employers who then offer it to their employees as a free employee benefit.

Best Money Moves does not sell anything. There are no ads. And, there are no hidden tricks. The only goal is to help people make smarter moves with their money by providing award-winning information, easy-to-use tools, a point-based reward system, and a unique content-mapping system that solves financial problems quickly and easily.

And for employers, less financially-stressed employees translates into a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

For Employers

Financial wellness and why it matters

63% of Americans are broke. They don’t even have $500 for emergencies. As an employer, this shouldn’t be your problem. But it is. Because 80% of your employees are suffering from moderate or severe financial stress. That means they miss more work, are less focused, engaged and productive than non-financially stressed colleagues, and have higher rates of turnover.

For Employees

Recommend Best Money Moves to your employer

Here’s the thing: Your employer may have a handful of great financial wellness programs. Your problem is you think you can’t afford to take advantage of them. Well, you can. If you are looking to have the best financial wellness programs that you can, ask your employer to offer Best Money Moves as part of your package of financial wellness employee benefits. Best Money Moves will not only help you figure out how to make ends meet – they will show you how to pay down your debt in the fastest way possible, balance your budget, save for retirement – and have a bit extra to treat yourself now and again. And if it all seems overwhelming, call their Money Coaches for free for some extra guidance and encouragement.

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