The SHOR Way

Are your Employees among these Statistics?

Why Financial Coaching

A Cost-Effective Benefit for Employees

Financial Coaching

The core of the SHOR Financial Wellness® program is personal coaching. Help your workforce be money smart. With Financial Coaching, they receive individualized attention and analysis.

The Financial Coaching Process:

  • A confidentiality agreement assures privacy.
  • Individuals complete a brief pre-coaching form that elicits basic information  prior to the session.
  • The private coaching session concentrates on the employee’s key issue and provides guidance for moving forward. 
  • Discuss and explain other corporate benefits to help employees take better advantage of the programs you provide

Understanding a retirement savings plan, learning more about investing, improving credit, and knowing how to create a basic budget are just some of the outcomes that keep employees On Track!

How Financial Coaching Works

Financial Coaching
  • We are objective – there’s NO  sales pitch 
  • Guidance is tailored to each company and its employees
  • Supplemental  online tools and apps 
  • Experienced team of financial professionals 
  • Confidential

Help Your Employees

  • Improve employee’s ability to manage their money
  • Reduce employee money anxiety
  • Increase confidence in retirement investment decisions 
  • Help employees maximize your company’s benefit programs 
  • Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism

These outcomes result in more productive employees