The SHOR Way

Are your Employees among these Statistics?

Why Financial Coaching

A Cost-Effective Benefit for Employees

Financial Coaching

The core of the SHOR Financial Wellness program is personal coaching. Help your workforce be money smart. With Financial Coaching, they receive individualized attention and analysis.

The Financial Coaching Process:

  • A confidentiality agreement assures privacy.
  • Individuals complete a brief pre-coaching form that elicits basic information  prior to the session.
  • The private coaching session concentrates on the employee’s key issue and provides guidance for moving forward. 
  • Discuss and explain other corporate benefits to help employees take better advantage of the programs you provide

Understanding a retirement savings plan, learning more about investing, improving credit, and knowing how to create a basic budget are just some of the outcomes that keep employees On Track!

How Financial Coaching Works

Financial Coaching
  • We are objective – there’s NO  sales pitch 
  • Guidance is tailored to each company and its employees
  • Supplemental  online tools and apps 
  • Experienced team of financial professionals 
  • Confidential

Help Your Employees

  • Improve employee’s ability to manage their money
  • Reduce employee money anxiety
  • Increase confidence in retirement investment decisions 
  • Help employees maximize your company’s benefit programs 
  • Improve productivity and reduce absenteeism

These outcomes result in more productive employees